About Us

The Statistical Center for HIV/AIDS Research & Prevention (SCHARP) provides statistical collaboration to infectious disease researchers around the world and conducts a complementary program of statistical methodology, and mathematical modeling research. SCHARP also collects, manages, and analyzes data from clinical trials and epidemiological studies dedicated to the elimination of infectious disease as a threat to human health. SCHARP is part of the program of Population Sciences within the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division (VIDD) of Fred Hutch in Seattle, Washington.

SCHARP is comprised of employees who provide vital statistical analysis and data management support for the following networks and consortia:

SCHARP also collaborates and engages in joint research with the following organizations:

SCHARP is involved in clinical trials in over 19 countries, including several sub-Saharan African and Caribbean countries, India, Russia, China, Thailand, Brazil, and Peru.


Community Outreach
SCHARP staff regularly conduct fundraisers to support various HIV/AIDS-related charities, both locally and around the world. Following are some of the groups to whom we regularly make donations:

Dzama Community
In May 2004 SCHARP staff began providing financial support to the Dzama community in Malawi. Dzama is a village populated with over 100 orphans, many of whom were orphaned because of HIV. These children are in great need of basic assistance such as food, clothing, and school supplies.

SCHARP regularly donates proceeds from our fundraisers to the Dzama community. Our efforts have provided Dzama's residents with everything from wool blankets, clothing, and food, to seeds, leased land, the construction of two pit latrines, a new schoolhouse with solar lighting, goats, and a bore hole for fresh water. SCHARP hopes to extend our relationship with the Dzama community indefinitely.

In 2007, Center News ran a story about one of our fundraisers that year: http://www.fhcrc.org/about/pubs/center_news/2007/june/art7.html

Rise n' Shine
Rise n' Shine is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing emotional support and advocacy to children and teens affected by HIV and AIDS. All Rise n' Shine kids either live with a parent or other close family member with HIV or AIDS, have been orphaned by the disease, or are infected themselves. Each holiday season, SCHARP staff "adopt" several Rise n' Shine kids to provide with gifts from their wish-lists.

For more information about the SCHARP community's outreach efforts, please email sc.community@scharp.org.